Is QuattroMetrics product a project management software?
No, it is not. QM applications gain data from sources that are both internal and external to your company, elaborate them and this way produce high added value information.

Do QM applications integrate with all the company information?
Yes, QM develops an interface which allows to integrate data coming from the project management software, from all the softwares used internally, from excel files and from databases external to your company.

How much time is it necessary to implement QM product?
The process of implementation of our products involves an audit of the current situation, a phase of adaptation to Quattro Metrics tools and integration with your company’s project management softwares, and a final phase of data validation, launch of applications and training of your company’s employees. The duration of every phase depends on the complexity of the situation and on the required level of customization.

Is it possible to modulate QM products over time?
Yes, QM applications can be integrated with additional modules over time, depending on your company’s needs.

What do you mean when you say that your offer is customizable?
We mean that QM organization allows us to support our customers in the definition of the needs to be satisfied and the problems to be solved; after that, we will be able to help your company in choosing the application package that fits best to this context.

What are the advantages of hosting on QM Server?
The management of applications directly from QM Server permits to access to real-time information, from every place, through any type of device and, at the mean time, permits to save the money that would be necessary for investments on a new hardware.

Haven’t you found an answer to your questions?
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