You are the Director of Sales of a company whose sales force has both agents and vendors. Have you ever spent the most part of your day in a commercial meeting in which all you did was discuss with administrative personnel about the reconciliation of sales data, instead of speaking about activities on the ground with a high added value?
applications dedicated to sales allow you to reconciliate data thanks to the traceability and the daily update of information. Q.Sales version dedicated to sales force offers you the possibility to constantly verify your turnover, your order portfolio and the status of your current offers, sharing these data with commercial direction and with administrative office.

You are the Commercial Director of a company that operates all over the national territory with its vendors. In preparation of a reorganization of your company’s structure, you need to know if you can reduce your internal sales force and increase the number of agents.
QM products portfolio permits you to integrate statistics about turnover for each customer with qualitative information about it, and with statistics about the presence of your vendors at your customers’ headquarters. This allows to highlight in few minutes inefficiences and possible solutions.


Have you ever worked for months on a very complex commission without having the whole picture about its marginality?
QM applications include specific marginality analyses with respect to each commission and reliability of budgeting for all levels of production.

Have you ever tried to discover what would be the impact on your company’s marginality of a 3% increase in the discount of a product that you are going to divest?
QM offers you the possibility to simulate variations of discount, cost and quantity of sold out goods, and to immediately verify their impact on marginality.



The time of the next Board of Directors meeting is getting closer and it is necessary to represent the trend of the main balance sheet indices and KPI in a structured way, in order to make clear to investors what is the trend of the last quarter in relation to the previous period. You will be forced to spend many hours updating an Excel sheet, you will risk to make some errors and you will have to postpone other urgent activities. 
Our Q.Finance application can organize a summary of the main business indicators, and control their real-time evolution every day: this way, you will not need to download files and reports and manually rewrite them.

You are the administrative assistant of a company, and you have to answer the mayor’s questions about current management. Have you ever prepared dozens of reports about turnover, and then you had to face a question about your company’s evolution for a single business line, and you didn’t have the necessary information about it? 
QM products permit to access to real-time information coming from different sources – internal and external – thanks to “views” easy to read and interpret. The personalization of our product allows to manage ASAs in detail and in parallel with usual balance sheet data.