As far as CRM is concerned, Quattro Metrics works as System Partner of Easyone Software: we use their basic product named eWide, that stands out in the market because of its ease of use and because it gives many different possibilities to set up processes. In particular, Quattro Metrics realizes the personalizations and the configurations which are necessary to adapt this product to every single company’s specific needs.

Our CRM has been projected in order to give your company an instant view on its contacts’ state through a highly flexible tool, that can manage all the processes related to them. The applicability of our solution can be tailored on specific processes of your company, thanks to the work-flow technology. The integration with MS Outlook, with the vital statistics of project management systems of your company, and with external data bases permits the use of our product in heterogeneous and departmental contexts.

All the information referred to events are represented on a calendar, and they are visible only to some users, depending on the hierarchical level of authorization. This calendar allows operators to print the list of events as a reminder. The names and the layouts of all the user interfaces can be personalized in order to make the visualization of the information as effective as possible.

Vertical markets

QuattroMetrics can develop applications tailored on specific market sectors (Wine, Coop, Bank, etc.).

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