The target of Q.Finance is monitoring your company’s creation of marginality, and verifying your investment and the consequent rate of return, particulary important for your company’s development.


This application supports your company’s economic and financial decisions through constantly revised analyses of financial statement data (?); these analyses are comparable in a period of time defined by the user, and they are detailed for every single accounting activity/ movement (?).

Q.Finance allows you to value in every moment the effect of your company’s strategic choices through the use of profitability and risk indicators, usually employed in the modern model of management control. Moreover, Q.Finance permits you to compare periodic results with the totality of your budget or with specific business lines.

The analyses take into consideration both the active and the passive cycles, allowing the management to control on a daily basis financial flows, credit and debit situations for every single customer or supplier. The integration with data bases permits a careful management of the credit.

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