Quattro Metrics applications gives you the possibility to make REAL TIME ANALYSES of data, and produce REPORTS to be printed and/or automatically presented on Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

QuattroMetrics develops applications dedicated to specific vertical markets that support companies of the same sector. This implies similar productive chains, similar needs and similar problems to be solved.


In particular, QM created the application Q.WINE focused on wineries. This vertical app integrates Q.Finance, Q.Marketing and Q.CRM apps, purposely adapted on Wine product and its productive chain.


The vertical app Q.BANK is dedicated to the analysis of eco-fin data to be utilized for the creation of a forecast Business Plan or for elaborating analyses on specific indices.
Our app allows to work on a timespan of 3 years back and 3 years forward, basing on historical data and forecasts available in your company.



This app allows to compare a firm with its main competitors, basing on a default sequence of eco-fin indicators. Competitors’ data are elaborated from the latest analyses of Modefinance , our partner rating agency. The immediate integration of data and the display models utilized in our product allow to easily read and understand the result. Time after time, the user can decide to exhamine in depth specific indicators: Q.Competitors offers the possibility to obtain detailed information on a single item with few clicks.


Q.Net has been designed in order to join information related to different companies. It is the ideal tool for the management of a network of companies and for the analysis of the performances of groups of companies, with various headquarters in Italy and abroad. This app can be either integrated with different business management systems, or utilized stand-alone.
Q.NET foreshadows the activation of one or more applications, and precisely:

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